SkyWatcher Hand Controller Cable with RJ12 RJ45 Plug

  • Hand Controller Cable
  • Suitable for RJ12 and RJ45 Plug
    Sky-Watcher Hand Controller Cable for GoTo Mount

    This SkyWatcher Hand Controller Cable is meant for for V3, V4 and V5 Synscan Hand Controllers. It can be used for RJ45 8 Pin Plug to RJ12 6 Pin Plug

    Compatible with the following GoTo mounts:
    • Sky-Watcher AZ-GTE
    • Sky-Watcher AZ-GTI
    • Sky-Watcher Virtuoso
    • Sky-Watcher Goto Dobsonians
    • Sky-Watcher Star Discovery
    • Sky-Watcher Star Explorer
    • saxon AstroSeeker
    • saxon AltAz Goto Mounts
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