Refractor Telescope

A Refractor telescope uses lenses as its objective to form the image. Originally designed for spy glasses they're also great for long focus camera lenses, and of course, astronomy. Refracting telescopes cost more than other types of telescopes per inch of aperture because they use lenses, which cost more to produce. However, refractor telescopes do provide better image quality due to its sealed tube design, which protects the optics inside and reduces any image degrading currents from entering.

Refractor telescopes generally have smaller apertures and thus, provide poorer viewing of distant galaxies and nebulae, but they are excellent for viewing the stars, moon, and planets. Refractor telescopes also work better in urban settings as they provide better contrast, even in light-polluted night skies, as compared to when viewing with reflecting telescopes.

The great thing about refractor telescopes is that they can be used for land-viewing as well. It should be noted that images from refractors are mirror images. This doesn't have a large effect on beginners' viewing experience but may be a hindrance when being used for land-viewing. However, this is easily corrected using erecting prisms, and many users opt for refractors because of their dual usage as well as their ease of use and lower need for maintenance due to their closed tube designs.

You can learn more about telescopes from our Beginner's Guide on How to Choose a Telescope. Our range of Refractor Telescopes include well-established brands such as Celestron, Saxon, and iOptron so you have an excellent variety to choose from! If you need some advice or extra information, feel free to contact us and we'll gladly assist you with anything you need.

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