Saxon SynScan V5 Hand Controller

  • Suitable for Saxon and Sky-Watcher's AZ and EQ mounts
  • Updatable firmware via the internet
  • 42,000-object database
  • USB 2.0 type-B port
  • Periodic error correction
    Saxon SynScan V5 Hand Controller

    Use this SynScan V5 Hand Controller to track and find objects in the sky without a hassle. This hand controller is compatible with most Saxon and Sky-Watcher's Alt-Az and Equatorial Go-To mounts. Its 42,000 object database allows user to navigate the sky objects including planets, named stars, double stars, or other user-defined objects. The firmware is updatable the internet with its integrated USB-B 2.0 port.

  • Alignment method: One-Star Alignment, Two-Star Alignment, Three-Star Alignment.
  • Pointing accuracy: Up to 1 arc min.
  • Backlash compensation.
  • Periodic error correction.
  • 42,000-object database.
  • Premium PC Interface: ASCOM compatible, Nexstar-5i compatible protocol and command set, user-tunable LCD contrast, LED backlight and buzzer volume.
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