SkyWatcher SynScan USB Adapter

  • Allows PC control
  • Replaces SynScan hand controller
  • Plugs into almost any Sky-Watcher mount
    SkyWatcher SynScan USB Adapter

    The Sky-Watcher Synscan Hand Controller is great - but wait until you see what your telescope can do once connected to a PC with this low-cost connector.

    The Sky-Watcher SynScan USB Adapter allows user to control the telescope via PC. It is compatible with most of the Sky-Watcher mounts and it is meant to replace the Synscan Hand Controller. It retrofits the PC-Direct mode feature being rolled in new Sky-Watcher mounts such as the new Sky-Watcher EQ8-R series to older Sky-Watcher mounts. There is also a vast range of third-party astronomy apps that the Sky-Watcher USB PC Direct Connector can be access to. Most of these apps communicate through a standard interface called ASCOM.
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