Vanguard PA-202 Digiscoping Adapter

- For Endeavor HD / Endeavor XF Scopes - Adapts to 52 / 58mm Camera Lens - Aluminum Construction - Thumbscrew Lens Attachment
PA-202 digiscoping adaptor for Endeavor HD (65A/65S/82A/82S) & Endeavor XF (60A/60S/80A/80S) spotting scopes. The PA-202 Digiscoping Adapter from Vanguard is a photo accessory enabling you to capture the image transmitted by an Endeavor HD and XF series spotting scope using an SLR camera. A thumbscrew at the top of the adapter secures the camera lens to the digiscoping adapter and helps maintain alignment with the spotting scope eyepiece. This user-friendly digiscoping adapter pairs an Endeavor series spotting scope to an SLR camera without dismounting the camera lens, turning your Endeavor spotting scope into a long-range imaging system. The included adapter allows you to attach the PA-202 to SLR lenses with 52mm and 58mm lens diameters.
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