Saxon ScienceSmart 20x Stereo Microscope

  • 20x magnification
  • Black/white contrast plate to increase contrast during observations
  • 45° incline microscope head
  • 3-Years Limited Warranty
    Saxon ScienceSmart 20x Stereo Microscope

    Saxon ScienceSmart 20x Stereo Microscope is the perfect stereo microscope for the aspiring scientists and hobbyists alike. This no-frills microscope utilises ambient lighting as illumination, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, it is simple to operate. This stereo microscope offers a 20x magnification, perfect for viewing insects, small plants, fabrics, circuit boards, etc.
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    Eyepiece WF 10x
    Magnification range 20x
    Objective 2x
    Head type Monocular
    Focus Coarse
    Stage type Black/White contrast plate
    Stand Pillar
    Brand Saxon
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