Saxon 1.25" 10mm Erecting Eyepiece

  • 1.25" 10mm Erecting Eyepiece
  • Can be used on on refractor or reflector telescope
  • 3-Years Limited Warranty
    Saxon 1.25" 10mm Erecting Eyepiece

    The Saxon Erecting Eyepiece range is used to correct image orientation, especially for terrestrial observations. Make your telescope dual purpose with this handy eyepiece. The 10mm Erecting Eyepiece provides an upright, correctly orientated image for terrestrial observations. Suitable for use with Newtonian Reflector Telescopes or Refractor telescopes.

    This eyepiece can be used on any telescope. If using on a refractor or catadioptric telescope, ensure the eyepiece is inserted directly into the focuser. It works alone without a diagonal.

    For use on a reflector telescope, simply insert this eyepiece into the focuser. Images will be easily corrected while still maintaining their quality and clarity.
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