Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ50 LRF Pro Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

  • 384x288 Microbolometer resolution
  • 3-12x magnification
  • NETD <25mK
  • 17μm pixel pitch
  • 50Hz frame rate
  • Battery type: APS5 (internal), APS2/3 (external)
  • 1800m detection range
    Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

    The Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF Pro Thermal Rifle Scope is made of high quality germanium optics paring with an advanced thermal imaging sensor ensure an unprecedented detection range of up to 1800 meters even in complete darkness. Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro has a classic design and built-in laser rangefinder with maximum 800m detection range. The laser rangefinder is compact, the receiver and emitter are within clearance limits of a single optical channel - providing hunters with an accurate sense of distance at the hunting site to take a precise shot.

    Featuring imaging sensor with NETD <25mK, it allows perfect detail recognition even in the harshest weather conditions with low thermal contrast. The fast aperture lens of F50/1.0 provides users the best quality, most detailed & high-contrast, informative imagery. And with am IPX7 waterproof rating, the Thermion 2 LRF Pro will be able to work in conditions of high humidity and heavy rain and can withstand half an hour immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter.

    • 384x288 Microbolometer resolution
    • 3-12x magnification
    • NETD <25mK
    • Built-in laser rangefinder
    • 17μm pixel pitch
    • 50Hz frame rate
    • Fast Aperture Lens F50/1.0
    • Up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge
    • Battery type: APS5 (internal), APS2/3 (external)
    • 1800m detection range
    • High-precision ambidextrous lens focusing
    • "Picture-in-picture" mode
    • A selection of 10 reticle shapes in 9 color modes
    • 5 individual shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
    • Mounting on standard 30 mm rings
    • Instant Start-up
    • High caliber recoil resistance
    • IPX7 waterproof rating
    • Operating temperature range: -25 to +50 °C
    • High contrast HD AMOLED display
    • A selection of 8-colorpalettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Red Monochrome, Sepia, and Violet
    • Wide-angle eyepiece for comfortable observation
    • Photo and video recording with 16gb memory
    • Stream Vision 2 app WiFi integration with iOS and Android devices
    More Information
    Specifications 7.5x5.6 degrees 1024х768 pixels 16GB Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
    Sensor type uncooled
    Resolution 384x288 pixels
    Pixel pitch 17µm
    NETD <25mK
    Frame rate 50Hz
    Objective lens F50 / 1.0
    Field of view (HxV)
    Eye relief 50mm
    Display type AMOLED
    Display resolution
    Safety class for laser equipment according to IEC 60825-1:2014 1
    Laser rangefinder wavelength 905 nm
    Laser rangefinder maximum measuring range 800m
    Measurement accuracy ± 1m
    Reticle click value, H/V, mm at 100m 13 – 3х, 6.5 – 6х, 3.25 – 12х
    Reticle click range, H/V, mm at 100 m 2600 / 2600
    Number of preloaded reticles 10
    Video / photo resolution 1024x768 pixels
    Video / photo format .mp4 / .jpg
    Built-in memory
    Wireless protocol
    Wireless standard
    Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 / 5 GHz
    Operating temperature range -25 – +50 degrees Celcius
    Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo) 6000 Joules
    Shock resistance on the smooth-bore rifles 12 caliber
    Compatible mounts Standard 30 mm rings
    Supported Application Stream Vision 2
    Output voltage 3.7V
    Battery type Dual Li-Ion B-Pack Mini Power System: 2 A·h Changeable Battery (external) / 4.9 A·h Battery (internal)
    Battery capacity 2000 (external) + 4900 (internal) mAh
    Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C) 10h
    External power supply 5 V, 9 V (USB Type-C Power Delivery)
    Body material Aluminum alloy
    Dimensions 420x78.5x94.5mm
    Brand Pulsar
    Magnification 3-12x
    Objective Diameter 50mm
    Detection Range 1800m
    Level Of Protection IPX7
    Warranty 3 Years Warranty
    Rechargeable Yes
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