Pulsar PSP 42 Ring Adaptor for Krypton

  • Quick release 42mm adapter
  • Precise screen positioning mechanism
  • Metal housing
  • Tolerance to extreme temperature
  • Suitable for objective sizes 45.5mm - 50.6mm
    Pulsar PSP 42mm Ring Adaptor for Krypton

    Pulsar PSP is a quick release adapter with precise screen positioning mechanism which gives perfect alignment of the scopes. Milled from aluminum alloy, the metal housing of this adaptor makes it lightweight and durable. The screws, retainer clip, and pins are manufactured from steel. One of the insert rings supplied with the unit needs to be inserted in the adapter before mounting it on the lens of a daylight optical device (spotting scope, binocular or sight). The ring selection is determined by the outer diameter of the lens housing of the optical device. The moulded plastic rings provide gentle contact and a smooth fit with the day optic and improve the reliability and integrity of mounting. This adapter is suitable for Krypton Thermal Vision Front Attachment.
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