Pulsar DN 50mm Metal Cover Ring Adapter

  • Compatible with Forward F/FN models
  • Metal housing
  • Fixing clip position selection
  • 2-point quick bayonet mounting
  • Suitable for rifle scopes with outer diameter of 51.6, 53.4, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59mm
    Pulsar DN 50mm Metal Cover Ring Adapter

    The Pulsar DN 50mm Metal Cover Ring Adapter is a special mounting unit that allows installation of digital or/and thermal imaging attachments in front of the objectives of day optic devices. It will fit majority of optical bells and features with a flip-up cover that replaces the your scope's lens cover. This adapter includes a set of insert rings which ensures safe contact with optic device as well as the high reliability of adapter installation. It is easy to mount the adapter to your device as it does not require the use of special tools such as the dynamometrical wrench. Simply mount it with hex-nut wrenches included in the package. The metal and aluminum alloy design of the adapter ensures high firmness and light weight.

    In the box:
  • DN 50mm adapter
  • Cover
  • Hex-nut wrenches
  • Set of inserts (51.6mm, 53.4mm, 55mm, 56mm, 57mm, 58mm, 59mm)
  • User manual
  • More Information
    Day optics compatibility 50mm lens diameter
    Related Pulsar items Forward DN / DFA, Core FXD / FXQ
    Dimensions 81x79x81mm
    Weight of the adapter (without cover) 145g
    Weight of the cover 45g
    Attachment's mounting type bayonet
    Quantity of attachment's mounting points 2
    The outer diameter of the insert ring 64mm
    The inner diameter of the insert rings (mm / weight, g) 51.6/26; 53.4/22; 55/20; 56/16; 57/14; 58/14; 59/12
    Body material Aluminum alloy
    Insert ring material Plastic
    Protective cover material Plastic
    Brand Pulsar
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