Powa Beam PL175 With Bracket Spotlight (175mm) - 100W

  • Wattage: 100w
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Beam Distance: 500m
  • Diameter reflector: 175mm
  • Spotlight bulb type: Quartz halogen
  • Roof Mounted
  • All parts are replaceable
  • All alloy construction with quality steel toggle switch
  • Hand focused for maximum performance
  • 3 years warranty
  • Note:

    Comes complete with 1.5m cable and electrical connectors

    Note: Please expect a 1-6 weeks lead time due to high demand on spotlights.
    Powa Beam PL175 With Bracket Spotlight - 100W

    PL175 With Bracket Spotlight is the model with a bracket, for use with a Remote Control Handle. All Powa Beam Quartz Halogen models can be fitted with different size Globes (not included) such as 12v-30w, 12v-50w, 12v-75w or 15v-150w and you can easily change the Globe yourself. The spotlight fitted with steel bracket. This Light is designed for use with a Remote Control Handle which is mounted through the roof of a vehicle. This light is hand made in Australia and individually focused for maximum performance.

    Regarding the voltage and wattage, it is standard with 12V, 100W quartz halogen osram globe. If you are looking for hunting, this item is one of your choice and also can use for other indoor and outdoor activities.

    The PL175 With Bracket Spotlight is spotlight from Powa Beam yet. The PL175 uses quartz halogen globe so it can be used for a very long time. Some testimonies from customers who bought this model says they are still using the same light after 20 years!

    The all alloy construction of the spotlight makes it extremely durable and also easy to for the hand to hold for a prolonged period of time. It is lightweight and the ergonomic design of the handle combined with the materials used for construction of the spotlight makes it a popular choice for hunters, farmers or any personnel that require a easy-to-carry bright light.

    The PL175 With Bracket Spotlight can also be use with a pistol grip handle. It come complete with 1.5m cable & electrical connectors. You do not have to worry the spare parts replacement, all component are completely replaceable.

    Spare Parts:
    All components are completely replaceable, quote relevent part numbers to your nearest Powa Beam stockist.
  • 12v 100w globe: PN1/64623
  • 175mm glass lens: PN221
  • Plain Reflector: PN320
  • Steel Toggle switch: PN510
  • Spotlight case: PN720
  • Battery clips: PN810
  • Ceramic globe holder: PN870
  • Spotlight handle: PN881
  • Pre focused reflector: PN420
  • Reflector retaining ring: PN621
  • Steel bracket: PN821 *Not to be rigid mounted
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.693
    Brand Powa Beam
    Activities Hunting, Camping / Outdoor
    Wattage 100W
    Voltage 12V
    Diameter Reflector 175mm
    Bulb Type Quartz Halogen
    Product Warranty Powa Beam 3 Years Warranty
    Country of Manufacture Australia
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