Optex CS-50 Screen Cleaner

  • Ideal for Cleaning Tablets & Phones
  • Suitable for All Types of Lenses
  • Compact and Easy to Carry
  • Retractable Soft Brush
  • Dry Nano-Particle Cleaning Formula
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $34.95
    Optex CS-50 Screen Cleaner The Optex CS-50 Screen Cleaner is the premium lens cleaning system that removes fingerprints, image smudges, and grease marks on most optical devices easily with its Dry Nano-Particle Cleaning Formula This Optex CS-50 Screen Cleaner is safe for all lenses, ideal for cameras and binoculars. Designed to be compact and convenient, it can easily fits into camera bag, pocket or even your purse to carry around and store.
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