Meade 1.25" RGB Filter Set

  • Designed for Monochrome Imaging Cameras
  • Includes individual RGB filters and an IR filter
  • 1.25" filters should fit any standard filter wheel or camera that accepts the standard
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    Meade 1.25" RGB Filter Set

    The Meade 1.25" RGB Filter Set comes with high quality Red, Green and Blue Interference filters as well as an infra-red (IR) blocking filter. Using these filters will improve your CCD imager for color imaging. The set is originally made for the Meade DSI cameras but it can fit any CCD camera that can use the standard 1.25" filters.

    The filters are constructed of strong 3mm thick glass for durability and layered with multiple high transmission coatings. The resulting images when using these filters are of the highest quality. The filters are parfocal, which means you won't need to re-focus when switching between the filters.
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    Brand Meade
    Barcode 709942900132
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