Celestron Universal Piggyback Mount

  • Easily Attaches your camera on the top of any SCT
  • Allows you to fit the NexStar Star Pointer on it as well
  • Navigate your telescope and conduct astrophotography at the same time
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    Celestron Universal Piggyback Mount

    This Universal Piggyback Mount is a great accessory for all observers interested in deep-sky astrophotography. This mount allows you to attach your camera, with its lens, to the top of the telescope.

    Its unique design allows you to fit camera onto any of your Celestron SCT telescope so that you can accurately navigate your telescope and conduct astrophotography at the same time.
    Additional Information
    Additional Information
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    Customer Reviews (10)
    Excellent product
    Overall Score
    The piggyback mount is very well engineered and seats on the barrel of the telescope to fine tolerances. The large base plate area for the camera mount gives a sturdy and solid mount. Review by Geraldine Hough (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Celestron piggyback mount camera bracket on a CPC-1100
    Overall Score
    Good quality and very sturdy unit. Held my DSLR with 70-200 2.8 (1.5kg) with no problems. Scope will probably need to be counter-weighted to assist Alt/Az motors with tracking though, but overall it does what is says it should quite well. Review by Pete (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Better than I thought
    Overall Score
    Firstly the unit comes with 4 sets of screws for various Celestrons and a base plate if being fitted to a C11 or C14, so it will fit anything from a C5 right up to a C14.
    Instructions were excellent and fitting was a breeze.
    The unit is larger and more solid than I thought from the illustration. Also it is larger than it would appear from the side-on illustration. It provides a rubberised pad 6 X 7.5cm to mount the camera. On the C9.25 there is just under 3cm clear to operate the tightening screw underneath - quite okay, but I noticed that when unscrewed the head of this screw rests on the rounded head of one of the screws at the back of the scope. No problem and it does not interfere with its operation or require any padding to the mount so as to clear it.

    Whether the unit is a heavy plastic or metallic is a bit uncertain but it is lightweight and solid. On scopes up to the C9.25 the mounting uses the screwing points that you would use if you mounted your finder on the other side. C11 and C14 requires the supplied the special base plate to which the unit is in turn mounted.

    Clearly the unit is designed for a camera and I dare say it would comfortably take all the DSLR's with up to medium telephotos. It would probably also accommodate reasonably lightweight accessories.
    Review by Peter Anderson (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Excellent for C11 as well
    Overall Score
    I had purchased a unit for my C9.25" and was very happy with it, (see previous post), so I decided to buy another one for my CPC11. In this case (as for the C14), the unit is mounted on the special supplied base plate. All screws are also provided and the base plate is suggested to be mounted on the finder screw points on the opposite side at the back of the tube.

    It is suggested to use specific threaded screw points on the base plate for the C11 and for the C14. Since my CPC is alt-az I was delighted that the fitting was specificallly designed so it could be easily adjusted so that it was totally horizontal. (I put a level on it when I was fitting it.) Not only are there generous slots on the base plate for adjustment, but the unit itself has a short slots on the mounting. The only extra adjustment in this process was the need to do a few tweaks after tensioning the unit, because this resulted in a slight shift of the angle. - no problem.

    For a more complete description of the unit, please refer my previous post.

    And yes, for those sages who ask why install the mount because I will have a rotating field on a tracking alt-az telescope, I just mention that the fitting will be very handy for short exposures, either wide angle or telephoto, (when such rotation does not become evident) and the mounting of small accessories.
    Review by Peter Anderson (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Great product for My Nexstar 5SE
    Overall Score
    Terrific add on for an excellent price. Lightweight and easy to use. I am really happy with it. Review by Stargazer (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Easy to fit - Have used on my C9.25 and now on C11
    Overall Score
    I decided to buy another mount for my CPC11. For the C11 and C14 the unit is mounted onto the supplied base plate which is attached first rather than directly onto the tube. (see my previous post.) All screws were provided. In both cases the opposite side finder mounting points are used. Following the instructions I mounted the unit so it was parallel to the horizon. It was easy to adjust this angle as the base plate has adjustment slots and the unit even has short adjustment slots.

    It was most satisfactory, and I intend to use it for short exposures, and mounting small accessories.
    Review by Peter Anderson (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Simple attachment for a basic requirement
    Overall Score
    My biggest concern relates to the supplied screws. Instruction sheet says " if attachment is removed do not screw the screws in fully as may catch or break rear mirror" yet supplied screws extend further into the tube than the original ones ????? . Otherwise the attachment does the job intended and as usual OZ Scopes delivery was prompt and staff helpful when I queried if this would fit a Celestron CPC 1100 XLT Review by Mark Munro (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Good unit, attached easily to scope.
    Overall Score
    Solidly built, fits the nexstat 6se scope i have perfectly.

    good quality genuine celestron product.
    Review by Cain (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Solid mount for a camera or small telescope to piggy-back onto a Celestron SCT
    Overall Score
    Fitted perfectly onto my NexStar 5 SE, and allows the original red-dot finder to be re-attached without obstruction. Seems to be perfectly adequate to handle a compact digital camera, or a DSLR with a moderate telephoto lens, or a small secondary telescope (eg 50 mm - 60 mm refractor).

    My only qualm is that being all-plastic construction, it may not be strong and stiff enough for a DSLR with a long / heavy telephoto, or a moderately sized auxiliary telescope (such as a 90 mm Mak or similar).
    Review by Julian Hardy (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Celestron Piggyback Mount - for 5, 6, & 8 SE
    Overall Score
    As described!
    Simple Piggyback Mount screws included.
    Can be adapted to other scopes. Curved so you can use on several scopes.
    Review by Carlos A. Boton (Posted on 6/10/2017)
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