Baader UV-IR-Cut 1.25" Filter

  • Absolute Must for Digtal Imaging
  • Reflects Destructive Heat Radiation
  • Stays Cool and will not Shatter
  • 98% Light Transmission
  • Absolutely Scratch Resistant
  • Free From Ghost Images
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    Baader UV-IR-Cut 1.25" Filter

    Baader Planetarium has introduced the world's finest UV/IR cut filter. This filter is a must for all digital imaging with digital cameras, CCD cameras and modified webcams. It's also useful for protecting valuable H-Alpha filters from heat stress and damaging IR (Daystar, etc). Due to their extremely high optical quality, these filters may be stacked and used far in front of the focal plane (necessary for imaging uses). Like the Baader Planetarium Contrast-Booster, the UV-IR-Cut filter uses the very latest coating technology to deliver the finest filtration quality, and lifetime durability.

    Baader UV-IR-Cut 1.25" Filter Features:
  • Reflects Destructive Heat Radiation
  • Protects Solar Observing Equipment from Excessive Heat-Stress
  • Stays Cool and will not Shatter Since Radiation is not Absorbed
  • 98% Light Transmission Average Across the Visible Spectrum
  • Enables Pinpoint Star Images with Digital and CCD-Equipment
  • Hard and Absolutely Scratch Resistant
  • Freedom from Ghost Images due to Highest Quality Coatings
  • Planeoptically polished for Full Image Resolution even at Highest Magnification
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