Baader Contrast Booster 1.25" Filter with IR Cut

  • The Ultimate in Lunar Filters
  • Eliminate Distracting False Colour
  • Over 95% Light Transmission
  • Equipped with IR Cut
  • Blocks Atmospheric Skyglow
  • Fits All Standard Filter Thread
  • Download Product Manual Here
    Baader Contrast Booster 1.25" Filter

    Much more than a simple minus-violet filter. Based on the popular Baader Moon & Skyglow filter, the Baader Planetarium Contrast Booster Filter takes contrast enhancement and skyglow reduction to the maximum level possible from a filter. Not only does this filter deliver a significant enhancement of planetary and lunar contrasts, but it is designed to also totally eliminate the damaging blue defocused haze present in achromatic refractors. Gone are the annoying blue halo and obscuring haze that surround and smear resolution and contrast. Subtle contrasts and colors are boosted, while displaying the full resolution your scope is capable of.

    The Contrast-Booster combines a special proprietary melt of Neodymium glass with a carefully designed 23 layer dielectric long-pass blocker on one face, and a 7-layer ultra-low antireflection coating on the other face. By aggressively filtering out the defocused blue wavelengths, a light yellow tint is imparted to objects (noticeably less than a typical yellow filter). The special coatings enable over 95% transmission across key portions of the visible spectrum. This results in a filter that retains the colors and color contrasts in tough subjects like Jupiter, without excessive image dimming. Cloud bands retain their ruddy red hues, but now become more striking in contrast. The Great Red Spot finally becomes easier. Planets and Lunarscapes are set against a jet black sky. The Contrast-Booster is a must for Solar observing (with Baader Astro Solar).

    As many users have found, this is the ideal filter for Mars! The views of Mars with all telescopes (including reflectors and apochromats) benefit from the RGB filtration plus blue blocking.

    The Baader Contrast Booster has been optimized for visual use with its integrated IR Cut. The true 1/4 wave fineoptically polished surfaces guarantee the sharpness and contrast of the image. Filters are available in both 1ᄐ and 2" sizes.

    The base substrate is a special custom melt of Neodymium doped glass, designed for specific transmission characteristics, and made only for Baader Planetarium. In addition to it's unique spectral characteristics, the Contrast-Booster offers Baader's hallmark optical and mechanical features that set it apart and result in the best possible image sharpness, contrast, and real-world durability.

    Baader Contrast Booster 1.25" Filter Features:
  • Eliminates The Colour Error of Economy Refractors Telescope
  • The Ultimate in Lunar Filters! - Moon appear much more natural in colour, compared to the usual low priced dark green Moon-filters offered for beginners telescopes
  • Removes the Bluish Hue (lack of contrast) during lunar, planetary, solar and terrestrial observation
  • Over 95% Light Transmission - Provides a bright image compared to the usual dark green color filters
  • Strongly emphasizes surface detail on Jupiter and Mars
  • Completely removes distracting false colour
  • Blocks atmospheric stray light (skyglow). Sky-background turns into pitch black
  • Combines with Baader Infrared Cut-Filter to eliminate all blue scatter and unfocused near infrared light
  • Planoptically Polished, suitable for being used in front of a binocular viewer or afocal image projection
  • No deterioration of resolution with magnifications of 150x and more
  • Substrate (glass melt): Neodymium doped glass
  • Ionbeam Hardened Coatings on both faces, Absolutely Scratch Resistant
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