Baader Hyperion 2” Finetuning Stop Ring

  • Includes brass clamping ring and 2 M3 clamping screws
  • Inner diameter: 50.8mm/2"
    Baader Hyperion 2" Finetuning Stop Ring

    Baader Hyperion 2" Finetuning Stop Ring
    is best to be used with eyepieces with a 2" diagonal or prism to prevent the 1.25" eyepiece barrel hitting or damaging the internal components by lengthening the original eyepiece. This Hyperion Stop Ring can also be used as a premium 2" parfocalising ring with any brand of 2" eyepiece or 2 " astronomy accessory.
    The finetuning ring comes with 2 large clamping thumbscrews for loosening or tightening.
    More Information
    Weight 0.017kg
    Optical length 7mm
    Clamping system Screw clamps
    Screw type 2x M3 clamping screws
    Inner diameter / Clear aperture 50.8mm (2")
    Outer diameter 60mm
    Inner connection (Lens sided) Clamp, 2" (50.8mm)
    Inner connection (Eyepiece/-Camera-Sided) Clamp, 2" (50,8mm)
    Type of adapter Extension
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