Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror

  • 2 inch dielectric lamda
  • 10 levels with 112mm optical length
  • Scratch-resistant coated mirror for elemental resistance and wiping
  • UV and IR radiation repelling mirror
  • Clamping for heavy accessories
  • Removable 2 inch Safety Kerf nosepiece with M48 filter threads on both ends

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    Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror

    In a design fit that instrumentally isn't different than the common and standard star diagonal, telescopes with 2" eyepiece holder may simply use this.

    Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror is a substantially large 2" dielectric 1/10 wave mirror of abrasion-resistant coating to respond against the dusty harsh outdoor ambience, that could subject the mirror with scuffs. Accidental cleaning resulting in a scratch can also be prevented further, whereas the diagonal mirror deflects penetratingly deep ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. This viability allows for eyesight protection upon solar viewing when using any White-Light and H-alpha solar filters.

    The diagonal mirror frame comes with an included S58 dovetail and female M55/2" SC-threads on both sides. Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror includes a ClickLock Clamp for steadfast attachment allowing accessories weighing a heft to be attached securely and simplistically, using just only the movements of your fingertips.

    Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror also features a removable 2" Safety Kerf nosepiece, with both ends including M48 filter threads of the largest, clear aperture dedicated to a versatile need.
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.446
    Optical Design Mirror Diagonal
    Inner Connection (Lens Sided) Thread, M48, 2" (50.8mm)
    Outer Connection (Lens Sided) Barrel, 2" (50.8mm)
    Inner Connection (Eyepiece/-Camera-Sided) Clamp, 2" (50.8mm)
    Reflection Surface Dielectrically coated
    Image Orientation Erect image, Mirror inverted
    Optical Length (mm) 112mm
    Clamping System ClickLock
    Deflection Angle 90 Degrees
    Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 46.6mm
    Brand Baader
    Barcode 4047825020246
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