Yukon Sightline N455s Night Vision Rifle Scope

  • HD-sensor 1280x720
  • High magnification 4-16x
  • 6 electronic reticles
  • Over 300m night time viewing range
  • Enhanced night time sensitivity
  • Scalable ballistic reticles
  • Accurate zoom zeroing
  • High caliber applicable: cal 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H
  • Invisible IR illuminator
  • Stadiametric rangefinder
    Yukon Sightline N455s Night Vision Rifle Scope

    In light of the technological savvy, outdoor marksman, this rifle scope is designed for a covert watch of animals and effective night hunting purpose. Yukon's state of the art optics is engineered under the operative of IPX4 rating that works just as well under ice-cold temperatures.

    Easy configuration use featuring a push and rotate control bar knob, most functions are to be operated by a controller wheel. Yukon Sightline N455s Night Vision Rifle Scope allows up to 3 shooting profiles at capped, with each up to 10 zeroing points. 4-16x zooming capacity that scales proportionally with a highly sensitive HD sensor forms high quality, crisp and detailed images upon view. The Sight further comes with 6 different user selectable reticles with a multicoloured design for your preferences. An included 'Picture-in-Picture' mode allows for an extra window to see precision aiming area and in ambience view simultaneously.

    Yukon Sightline N455s Night Vision Rifle Scope features a stadiametric rangefinder, which supplements a dynamic rangefinding scale intended to help determine range to objects with known height 1.7 m (deer), 0.7m (wild boar)m and 0.3 m (rabbit).

    Yukon Sightline N455s Night Vision Rifle Scope can be mounted virtually on any rifle scope through its large, versatile mounting options. It also comes with an invisible infrared (IR) illuminator, allowing any hunter to see quarry without fear of spooking.
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.84
    Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 780 nm, mW, not more than 2x10(-5)
    Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than 6x10(-5)
    Generation Digital
    Sensor Type CMOS / 1280x720
    Display Type AMOLED / 1024x768
    Objective Lens F50/1.2
    Field of View, degree 5.5
    Eye Relief, mm 50mm
    Diopter Adjustment, dptr. - 2.5 / + 5 dptr
    Built-In IR-Illuminator, type LED
    IR Wavelenght, nm 940
    Windage And Elevation, 1 click, mm / 100m 10.5 (for 4x), 2.6 (for 16x)
    Max. Windage / Elevation Adjustment Range 2100 (+ - 100 clicks)
    Shock Resistance (When Used With Rifled Gun), E0 6000 joules
    Shock Resistance (When Used With Slug Gun), Permissable Caliber .12 cal
    Power Supply 3.8-6.3 V
    Battery Type DNV Battery Pack / 4xAA (LR06)
    Average Operation Time With One Set Of Batteries 4 hours
    Operating Temperature -20 / +40 degree celsius
    Video Out No
    Dimensions 285mm x 89mm x 81mm (without mount)
    Magnification 4 - 16x
    Objective Diameter 50mm
    Detection Range 350m
    Level Of Protection IPX4
    Warranty 3 Years
    Rechargeable No
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