SkyWatcher Star Explorer 130/650 AZGT Reflector Telescope

  • Great for Deep-Sky Observations
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Sturdy & Heavy-weight Base
  • Auto-tracking Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • SkyWatcher 5 Years Limited Warranty
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    Retail Price $599

    Product Description

    Sky-Watcher Star Explorer 130mm f/5 Reflector Telescope

    SkyWatcher 130/650 AZGT Reflector Telescope is well known for its quality parabolic optical system. This particular scope offers competitive optics and minimal central obstruction. Not only do you see more, you can be ensured of finer and brighter visuals. This Skywatcher Reflector Telescope is suitable for anyone starting out in Deep-Sky Observation and Astrophotography. However the seasoned sky viewer can also appreciate the large aperture in the scope, and the superior images this scope offers (minus a hefty price tag!).

    The SkyWatcher 130/650 AZGT Reflector Telescope mounts on a sturdy auto-tracking Alt-Azimuth mount. It has a built-in dual-axis multi speed motor that is ideal for Astronomical and Terrestrial applications. The GOTO on the mount can automatically track astronomical objects when you follow a few setup procedures. With superior optics, finely-tuned specifications and a sturdy base, this scope is a joy to use, be it casual sky viewing or deep sky observations.

    AZ GOTO Mount Features:

    • SynScan Database with 42,900+ Objects
    • Two Star or Brightest Star Alignment
    • Pointing Accuracy Enhancement Feature
    • Unknown Object Identification Feature
    • Pointing Accuracy up to 10 arc min
    • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
    • Slewing Speeds: 1x, 2x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 500x, 600x, 800x
    • Tracking Mode: Dual Axis Tracking
    • Motor Type: DC Servo Motors
    • Resolution: 0.8923 arc sec or 1,452,425 steps/rev
    • *Please note, the image through all finder scopes will be upside down.

    In the Box:

    • Sky-Watcher 130mm f/5 Reflector OTA
    • Sky-Watcher Star Explorer AZ GOTO Mount
    • Stainless Steel Tripod with Accessory Tray
    • SynScan Hand Control
    • Eyepiece - 10mm, 25mm
    • 2x Barlow Lens with Camera Adaptor
    Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Product Weight (KG) No
    Diameter 130mm
    Focal Length 650mm
    Focal Ratio f/5
    Eyepiece 10mm & 25mm
    Barlow Lens 2x
    Finder Scope 6x30
    Focuser Diameter Rack and Pinion Focuser (1.25”)
    Tube Weight 3.66kg
    User Level For Beginners
    Telescope Type Newtonian-Reflector
    Aperture Size 130mm
    Focal Length 650mm
    Focal Ratio f/5
    Highest Practical Magnification 260x
    Finderscope 6x30
    Eyepieces Super 10 & 25mm
    Mount Type Computerized Mount
    Tripod Steel
    Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty
    Video Link No
    Customer Reviews (5)
    Overall good
    Overall Score
    As a newcomer to using a telescope, I found the instructions a little too general. However, I managed to decipher them and get it put together. We then proceeded to get over a week of cloudy nights so I hadn't had a chance to use it until a couple of nights ago. In the transit out of doors (and I have to agree with Adriean here on its flimsiness), the power pack dropped off the pan and one of the wires ripped away from its connection. My fault, but still annoying. I don't have a soldering kit so I had to manually manoeuvre the telescope to view anything. Got a fantastic view of the Moon, once the tripod settled down (again, its a little light, I'll need counterweights). Stars are out of reach until I either get the power pack fixed, or buy one as it's hard to align with them manually.
    Overall I'm happy with it - I got what I paid for - and am looking forward to some great viewing, eventually.
    Review by Robert (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Great telescope
    Overall Score
    Received it as a gift.

    Straight out of the box putting it together was easy for me as I pretty much know what I am doing. For a beginner however, things can be a little hard and the book is bad as it's very general covering many types of telescopes. I suggest watching some videos on Youtube.

    Colimation was pretty good and the viewfinder was pretty easy to adjust. The battery power case is completely crap, it's like it hasn't been finished. I suggest buying your own 12V power supply or stealing one from the wife's Silk-epil, works great!

    The tripod is a little shaky, you have to really not touch it or it will vibrate the image quite a lot. I only used the 2 star align and it works pretty good. The views are quite nice, I was able to see the rings on Saturn quite quickly and the detail on the Moon is quite extraordinary. Jupiter is below horizon at this time, but I am looking forward to seeing it. I also had a look over some Messier objects, some open clusters, quite spectacular. You'll struggle to see anything past Magnitude 5 though, so most of the nebulae is out of reach for this telescope.

    A Barlow lens is also a must.

    All in all it's a pretty good product for the price, and the fact that it's Go-To is extremely nice for beginners. Too bad it can't be manually adjusted, you always have to use the motor which means you'll need power all the time, but it's something that can be easily resolved.
    Review by Adriean (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Nice Telescope for Newbie
    Overall Score
    I decided to buy this az goto after some research online, it is so user friendly even newbie like me have little to no problem to use it after a little practice. The price is not cheap as a first telescope, but definitely worth it as it comes with az goto. Review by Rick (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    From first user starting here
    Overall Score
    I have just purchased my az goto reflector telescope.
    On initial unpacking and putting together I found that very simple and the general findings are that it is well made, even though having set it up I have found that unless you want to keep resetting it, it could do with a much more knock proof tripod.
    other than that the equipment is very good.
    I did as advised, and sat and read the enclosed manual from front to back and even went back to the internet to see if I could find some more helpful information for newcomers as the manual seems to take it for granted that we all know our way round the heavens like the back of our hand.
    So for a newcomer alignment is quite a long winded affair.
    For a start, Mr. Joe average does not know his exact location,and most places where you go looking for it give it in decimal figures not degrees, minute and seconds
    which is what the hand set requires, I would suggest that for a new comer like myself
    do all your research indoors first before going into the dark, and while we are on that subject, before you go outside, spend a few minutes in the dark first, so your eyes can adjust.
    The only other thing I would ask is that a little more explanation about what is going on under the hoods to speak, i.e. how it works with some diagrams and some plain talking about what lens goes with what.I would suggest that the software mentioned would be better included as A DVD.with other insrtuctions for learners.
    However, if you are loking for a good starting point I do not think you can go past this telescope, as I say,it is well made gives a really good image once the user has sorted themselves out.
    The only thing I am going to change as soon as possible is that of a really good finder scope, I understand there are some really smart ones on the market, and if you are like me, I had no trouble waiting for my goods and got some interest shown as to my likes and dislikes, so I stick with the place I purchased my telescope from as they seem keen to assist, and you do not se too much of that these days!!!!
    Review by John Laccohee-Joslin (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Really quick set up fast delivery
    Overall Score
    Ordered on Saturday and arrived on Tuesday at noon. Can't wait for viewing tonight. Review by C (Posted on 6/10/2017)
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