SkyWatcher 114/500 AZ-EQ Avant Reflector Telescope

  • 114mm aperture, 500mm focal length
  • Dual-mode Alt-Azimuth/Equatorial Mount
  • Aluminium tripod
  • 2.35kg counterweight
  • Tripod/Mount height: 81cm-156cm
  • Red Dot finderscope
  • 1/4-20 screw thread connector on mount saddle
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty
    SkyWatcher 114/500 AZ-EQ Avant Reflector Telescope

    The new SkyWatcher AZ-EQ Avant now comes with Alt-Azimuth/Equatorial mount configurations. Not only compact and lightweight, but it also provides great stability and precise control via its smooth slow motion controls located on both axes. The slow-motion control knobs can be conveniently positioned at either end of both the R.A. or DEC axis shafts. The tripod has a payload capacity of 3kg.

    The SkyWatcher 114/500 AZ-EQ Avant Telescope is a compact and light package that was designed for beginner users. The assembly and operation are simple and user friendly. The optical tube assembly comes with a Newtonian reflector design that employs a parabolic primary mirror to collect and focus the light, and a flat secondary mirror to reflect it to the eyepiece. The primary mirror has a diameter of 114mm and a 500mm focal length. The package also comes with a Red Dot finder and 2 eyepieces (10mm, 25mm).

    In the box:
  • 114/500 Reflector OTA
  • AZ-EQ Avant Mount
  • Aluminium tripod
  • Tripod accessory tray
  • Counterweight bar
  • 2.35kg counterweight
  • 10mm, 25mm eyepieces
  • Red Dot finder
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 7.8
    Payload capacity 3kg
    Mount fixing 1/4-20 Screw Thread Connector on Mount Saddle
    Mount features 122 Tooth Helical Worm Gear Transmission on R.A. and DEC Axes. R.A. Axis rotatable 360 degrees
    Counterweight Counterweight Bar with 2.35kg Counterweight
    Height range of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA) 81-156cm
    Telescope Type Newtonian-Reflector
    Aperture Size 114mm
    Focal Length 500mm
    Focal Ratio f/7.9
    Highest Practical Magnification 228x
    Finderscope Red Dot
    Eyepieces 10mm, 25mm
    Mount Type AZ-EQ Mount
    Tripod Aluminium
    Warranty 5 Years
    User Level For Beginners
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