SkyWatcher 102/500 AZ3 Refractor Telescope

87% of 100
  • For Terrestrial & Deep-Sky Observation
  • Ideal for Astrophotography
  • Simple Set up with Pre-assembled Tripod
  • 62.5% More Light Gathering than 80mm
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • 5 Years SkyWatcher Limited Warranty
    SkyWatcher StarTravel 102/500 AZ3 Refractor Telescope

    The Skywatcher 1025 AZ3 is a 102mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope that come with short focal length of 500mm. This noticeable shorter tube compare to other telescopes of the same class allows it to deliver a wider field of view and faster exposure times. This is essential and preferable for people who wishes to do some wide-field astrophotography.

    Premium Astronomy and Terrestrial ObservationSky-Watcher 1025 Refractor Telescope is the well proven performer in value for views of comets, star fields, star clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies & planets, the Moon and the Sun (with proper safety filtering!). Supplied with the sturdy and easy to use AZ3 Alt-Azimuth mount, which provides excellent stability and precise control, via its slow motion cables, on both the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (altitude) axes, this Sky Watcher 1025AZ3 is also used as Daytime terrestrial Telescopes

    Well Suited for Photography & Travelling

    The shorter focal length helps the telescope take better photos as well as giving you a shorter telescope that is easy to pack and carry. These features are essential for a stargazer or astrophotographer who is always on a run!

    The Refractor Advantage

    Since a refractor does not use mirrors to view objects, you get a generally brighter image and a correct, right side up image is displayed. This makes it usable for viewing terrestrial objects.

    *Please note, the image through all finder scopes will be upside down.

    In the Box:

  • 102/500mm OTA
  • 45° Diagonal
  • Eyepieces - 10mm & 25 mm
  • Red Dot Finder Scope
  • AZ3 Mount
  • Aluminium Tripod with Tray
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 3.48 (tube)
    Telescope Type Achromatic-Refractor
    Aperture Size 102mm
    Focal Length 500mm
    Focal Ratio f/4.9
    Highest Practical Magnification 204x
    Finderscope Red Dot
    Eyepieces Super 10 & 25mm
    Mount Type Alt-Azimuth Mount
    Tripod Aluminium
    Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty
    User Level For Intermediate
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