Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

  • 384 x 288 pixels sensor
  • 50 Hz frame rate
  • 17 µm pixel size
  • 2.1 - 8.4 magnification
  • 1350m detection range
  • 1000m LRF range
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    Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

    A luxury rifle scope. In contrast to every other, this high-end spec makes its humble serving only pros would know. Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope features a built-in laser rangefinder that records and translate distances from +/- 1m to 1000m, aiding all marksman in their gauging of range that makes for pinpoint firing. With a heat sink present on its frame, this rifle scope further prevents the impending build-up of thermal heat caused by the sensor and other parts on the run. The heat sink also suppresses gun firing noises, as well as its unloaded exothermic heat between those rounds.

    Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope brings you a zooming parameter of up to 8x in magnification, and a 2x step-up seamless enlargement for optimized, preferential field of view. In keeping its ever-changing motion of translating images, a high frame rate of 50 Hz offers comforting view on set. Its infrared sight also makes for big body heat detection up to 1800 meters away, and all in the using of 10 electronic reticles – a collection of different reticle patterns, colours and brightness adjustments for high resolution pictures.

    High recoil resistance withstanding even strong range of arms (up to .375 calibre), this range includes even smoothbore and airsoft weaponry. Save up to three distinctive firearm profiles (including chosen reticles), with each at five distances using Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope, its zoom zeroing support emphasize accurate zeroing precision.

    To elevate accuracy into greater heights, an inbuilt accelerometer / gyroscope helps to specialize angles and slope above 5°. It indicates with an arrow for direction and degree of its tilt. However, once the vertical axis becomes greater than 70°, or the horizontal above 30°, the accelerometer will temporarily become unavailable due to its steep slopes. Pulsar Trail LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope can also be set to shut down automatically after a period of a non-shooting position.
  • 384 x 288 resolution
  • 1350m detection range
  • Built-in video and sound recording
  • High recoil resistance rating
  • "Picture-In-Picture" function
  • B-Pack power supply included
  • IPX7 waterproof-rated protection
  • Mobile-friendly with remote control and live internet streaming
  • -25°C + 50°C operating temperature
  • 3 zeroing profiles / 15 distances
  • 2.1 - 8.4 magnification
  • High image frequency
  • Display off during inactivity
  • Selectable reticle
  • Effective temperature sensor stabilization
  • Built-in Accelerometer/Gyroscope
  • User-friendly interface
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.52
    Specifications Main Component
    Sensor 384x288 pix. @ 17 µm
    Objective Lens F38/1.2
    Magnification 2.1 - 8.4 (x4 zoom)
    Detection Range 1350 m

    Type uncooled
    Resolution 384 x 288 pixels
    Pixel Pitch 17 µm
    Frame Rate 50 Hz

    Objective Lens F38/1.2
    Magnification 2.1 - 8.4 (x4 zoom)
    Field Of View, Degrees 9.8 x 7.4 (HxV) / 17.2 x 12.9 m @ 100 m
    Eye Relief 50 m

    Type AMOLED
    Resolution 640x480 pixels

    Range Performance
    Detection Range 1350 m

    Laser Rangefinder
    Safety class for laser equipment according to IEC 60825-1:2014 1
    Wavelength 905 nm
    Max. measuring range 1000m
    Measurement accuracy ± 1
    Click Value 27 H/V / 27 mm at 100 m
    Click Range 5400 H/V / 5400 mm at 100 m
    Number Of Preloaded Reticles 10+

    Video Recorder
    Video / Photo Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
    Video / Photo Format .avi / .jpg
    Built-In Memory 8 Gb
    Built-In Memory Capacity 150 min video or ˃10 000 pictures

    Environmental Characteristics
    Degree Of Protection, IP Code (IEC60529) IPХ7
    Operating Temperature Range -25 °С – +50 °С

    Weight Size
    Dimensions 285mm x 72mm x 76 mm
    Weight 0.67 kg

    Power Supply
    Output Voltage 3.7 V
    Battery Type Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
    Capacity, mAh 5000 mAh
    Operating Time On Battery Pack (at t=22°C) 8 hr
    External Power Supply 5 V

    Connections And Capabilities
    Max. Recoil Power On Rifled Weapon (Eo) 6000 Joules
    Shock Resistance On The Smooth-Bore Rifles 12 cal.

    Frequency 2.4 GHz
    Standard 802,11 b/g/n
    Line-Of-Sight Reception Range 15 m
    Barcode 812495025259
    Magnification 2.1 - 8.4 (x4 zoom)
    Objective Diameter 38mm
    Detection Range 1350m
    Level Of Protection IPХ7
    Warranty 3 Years
    Rechargeable Yes
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