Pulsar Edge GS 3.5x50 Laser Night Vision Binocular

  • Built-in IR Laser illuminator
  • Constant Image Quality
  • High Resolution and Geometric Image
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Glass
  • 5 Lens Eyepiece
  • Backed by Australian Warranty
  • Kindly contact our customer service to check product availability.
    Pulsar Edge GS 3.5x50 Laser Night Vision Binocular

    The Pulsar Edge GSL 3.5x50 Night Vision Binocular is specially designed for multiple applications, such as protection of private property, patrolling, search and rescue, military and sports games, tourism, night orienteering.

    Pulsar GSL Models are feature with a built-in IR Laser Illuminator complying with Class 1 laser safety. The laser IR Illuminator emits at 780 nm wavelength and provides effective observation of remote objects in total darkness.

    The IR power adjustment wheel and other control elements are located on top of the device, built-in Weaver rail to accommodate an additional IR- Illuminator while the fiberglass reinforced plastic is able to withstand impact, moisture and dust which allows it to be used in extreme conditions.

    Edge GSL 3.5x50 is able to boast a distortion-free image which is sharp, precise, and high quality. The unique image intensifier tube protection system will come into work if the luminance threshold level is exceeded, current feed to the tube is automatically reduced or fully ceased. This allows the user to reach the highest possible tube performance.
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.85
    Image tube type EP33-SF-U
    Generation CF-Super
    Resolution 42 lines per mm
    Angular Field of View 12 Degree
    Eyepiece adjustment ±4 Diopter
    Eye Relief 12 mm
    IR Wavelength 780 nm
    Type Laser
    Max. Detection Range 220m
    Operating voltage 3V (2хAAA)
    Dimensions 233x122x71 mm
    Weight 850g
    Operating temperature -20 to +40°C
    Magnification 3.5x
    Objective Diameter 50mm
    Detection Range 220m
    Rechargeable No
    Warranty 3 Years
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