Pulsar DigiSight Ultra N455 LRF Rangefinding Rifle Scope

  • 500m detection range
  • CMOS sensor 1280x720
  • 4.5х to 18x magnification
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Powerful long-range IR Illuminator
  • Integrated laser rangefinder
  • Stream Vision App

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    Pulsar DigiSight Ultra N455 LRF Rangefinding Rifle Scope

    The all new Pulsar DigiSight Ultra N455 LRF Rangefinding Rifle Scope now comes with a major upgrade: an Integrated laser rangefinder. It allows users to measure distance in single measuring mode and in scanning mode with precision up to ±1 meter (yard) while having the 1280x720 HD sensor and 1024x768 AMOLED display to deliver high definition image. It is also perfect for use on rimfire and air rifle, providing clear and precise imagery via a 4.5x to 18x magnification features 2x/4x fast zoom, and Picture-in-Picture accuracy is improved by providing a magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display.

    The Digisight Ultra N455 LRF rifle scope is supplied with a detachable high power IR illuminator operating at 940mm in the invisible range. The sensor has a 500m detection range. The in-built recorder is designed to capture real-time videos and take pictures. Users can transfer videos and images via wired (PC/laptop) or Wi-Fi connection from files saved in the internal memory. By connecting Stream Vision software to the riflescope on Andriod/IOS devices enables real-time footage to be received and viewed.

    The Digisight Ultra N455 LRF also includes a progressive self-contained B-Pack power supply consisting of a quick-detach rechargeable IPS5 battery designed to provide over 5 hours of operation at full capacity.

  • 500m detection range
  • HD-sensor 1280x720
  • Enhanced nighttime sensitivity
  • "Picture-in-Picture” mode
  • 4.5х to 18x magnification
  • Unique B-pack power system
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Integrated video recorder
  • Wide-angle eyepiece
  • Updatable software
  • Scalable ballistic reticles
  • 10 reticle shapes in 6 color modes
  • Accurate Zoom Zeroing
  • Increased reticle adjustment range (2m at 100m range)
  • Powerful long-range IR Illuminator
  • Integrated laser rangefinder
  • Stream Vision App. Remote Review, operation and live YouTube streaming Using Smartphone
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures (-25 ... +50°C)
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.83
    Sensor type CMOS
    Resolution 1280x720 pixels
    Magnification 4.5 – 18x (x4 zoom)
    IR Illuminator wavelength 940nm (invisible)
    Infrared illuminator emitter LED
    Detection range 500m
    Objective lens F50/1.2
    Angular field of view (HxV) 6.2x4.7 degrees
    Eye relief 50mm
    Display type CMOS
    Display resolution 1024x768 pixels
    Reticle click value (H/V) 10/10 mm at 100m
    Reticle click range (H/V) 2000/2000 mm at 100m
    Number of preloaded reticles 10+
    Video / photo resolution 1024x768 pixel
    Video / photo format .mp4 / .jpg
    Built-in memory 16Gb
    Operating temperature range -25 °С ... +50 °С
    Dimensions 370x73x74 mm
    Output voltage 3.1 - 4.2 V
    Battery type Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
    Capacity 5000mAh
    Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C) 4h (max consumption mode) – 8 (min consumption mode)
    External power supply 5V
    Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo) 6000 Joules
    Shock resistance on the smooth-bore rifles 12 caliber
    Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz
    Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g
    Line-of-sight reception range 15m
    Magnification 4.5 – 18x (x4 zoom)
    Objective Diameter 50mm
    Detection Range 500m
    Level Of Protection IPХ7
    Warranty 3 Years
    Rechargeable Yes
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