Meade Telescope Guide

Get The Most Out of Meade Telescopes
Meade Instruments is an established optics brand based in California, specializing on telescopes, binoculars and other optics accessories.

Highly Recommended Telescopes for Young Kids
Help the little ones get started on astronomy with these tabletop telescopes that are easy to use, easy to set up. Suitable for kids that not tall enough to use standard tripod.

OZScopes Best Selling Telescopes for Beginners
Many of our customer ultimately choose these telescopes as their first telescope.

Reflector Telescopes
Reflector telescopes costs the least per inch of aperture, ideal for deep sky object such as star clusters, bright nebulae and galaxies because of the larger aperture for better light gathering. It is compact and portable, setting up on an EQ or AZ mount. However, Reflector telescope need a little bit maintenance due to the tube is open to the air, may collect dust even if the tube is kept under proper wrapping. Also, Reflectors are not suitable for terrestrial viewing.

Refractor Telescopes
Refractor telescopes are very consistent due to the simplicity of the design. They are ideal for observation of the moon, our solar system and binary stargazing if using a larger apertures. The tube of the telescope are properly sealed and required almost no maintenance, suitable for those who wish to stay away from troubles. Refractors are also good for distant terrestrial viewing. However, Refractors generally come with smaller apertures, mostly 3 to 5 inches, less suitable for deep sky observations.

Best Value Telescopes
They're huge and heavy, but they are not expensive. As a Reflector, Dobsonian Telescope is the best value per inch of aperture in the market, it is simple, powerful, and easy to assembly. However, due to their size and weight, they are not easy to transport, so If you staying in area with no much light pollution, this is the best telescope for you to install in your backyard and enjoy the best view possible for the limited spending.
Dobsonian Telescopes