Meade LX85 8" ACF Telescope

  • 203mm(8") Advance Coma Free OTA
  • 2032mm Focal Length, f/10 Focal Ratio
  • 1.25" Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
  • Motorized Fully GoTo Equatorial Mount
  • 9mm and 26mm Eyepieces
  • 8x50 Crosshair Finder with Bracket
  • Adjustable-Height Stainless Steel Tripod
    Meade LX85 8" ACF Telescope

    Meade's new LX85 Series now offers a high-quality, portable, GoTo, German Equatorial Mount. The LX85 Series 8" ACF telescope uses an Advanced Coma-Free (ACF™) optical design that offers coma-free pinpoint star images and flatter image fields while reducing astigmatism and eliminates diffraction spikes. It features an 8" (203mm) aperture, 2032mm focal length, and f/10 focal ratio. The OTA is built with sturdy rack-and-pinion focuser that is outfitted with a 1.25" holder for eyepieces and accessories. The ACF OTA catadioptric light path reduces color fringing and off-axis comas, and thus resolve dim deep-sky objects and easily split binary stars with tack-sharp clarity. The Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) system in the OTA improves light transmission through the entire light path across the whole visible spectrum.

    The LX85 mount gives user clear views and images with dual-axis low-cog DC servo motors with backlash compensation. The Meade Smart Drive system records and constantly refines its Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) to improve positioning and tracking precision and ensure the target object stays centered for long-exposure photography. The vixen-style dovetail could mount optical tubes up to 15kg, coupled with a sturdy build that ensure smooth tracking performance. Supporting the mount is a 1.75" stainless steel tripod that has a wide stance for stability. The tripod also come with a center tray that holds eyepieces and accessories and acts as a leg lock to further stabilize while helping to minimize vibrations.

    To control the mount, the LX85 is equipped with the iconic AudioStar. The Meade AudioStar hand controller stores 30,000+ objects in database. This computerized celestial object location system plugs into the telescope's handbox port, allowing a quick telescope alignment. Once aligned with the sky, the AudioStar is ready to take you to any object in the over 30,000 object database. Head to your favorite dark-sky location and explore the Galaxies, star clusters, and more!
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 25.52
    Focus system 1.25" Rack and Pinion
    Diagonal 2" 90-degree mirror with 1.25" adapter
    Dovetail Vixen-style
    Counterweight 4.1kg
    Hand controller AudioStar
    Object database 30,000 objects
    Optical coatings UHTC
    Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) Yes
    Mount payload capacity 15kg
    Tripod type Adjustable, 2 section
    Tripod height adjustable range 80 - 110.5 cm
    Control panel 12v Power, HBX, Aux1, ST-4 Autoguider Port, DEC, Electronic Focuser, Illuminated Reticle
    Power source 12v DC, 5 Amp Power Supply (Optional)
    Optical tube dimensions 46 x 24.1 cm
    Assembled product dimensions 168x120x120 cm
    OTA Weight 5.2kg
    Assembled Product Weight 25.5kg
    Barcode 709942998795
    Telescope Type Advanced Coma-Free
    Aperture Size 203mm
    Focal Length 2032mm
    Focal Ratio f/10
    Highest Practical Magnification 406x
    Finderscope 8x50
    Eyepieces 9mm, 26mm
    Mount Type Computerized Mount
    Tripod Steel
    Warranty 3 Years
    User Level For Intermediate
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