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Under the big brand - Leica, there are three independent companies: Leica Camera, Leica Microsystems and Leica Geosystems. Top of the line Leica Camera has the expertise and experiences in optical industry for years. Its value is about passion and perfection for creating better images and from here we given the ideas of their efforts in designing finest lenses which give users an excellent viewing experiences. In order to exceed customer expectation and surprise them, Leica continuously innovate and highlight on precision. Well understanding on customer' s need allow Leica further improve their products and achieve outstanding optical performance. Another point that needed to be highlight here is the motivation of Leica to challenge human and technology limitation for the purpose of produce world class product which enables their customers seeing in a different way! Leica is a brand world-renowned for being synonymous with superior optical and mechanical quality, for dependability, and long life.With over a hundred years experience, they've been led to a worldwide leading position where every Leica product is individually manufactured - by hand. Both optical and mechanical compents are subjects to stringent quality standards, packaged and delivered to you - in Leica's unmistakable elegance and classic design.

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