Chapter 7: Solar Observations and How to Make a Solar Filter

In this chapter explain how you can view the sun with a solar filter and point out some super important viewing precautions!

A White Light Solar Filter - like BAADER's AstroSolar Safety Film - is a fantastic, inexpensive way to view sunspots and use your telescope gear during the day. It'll fit most telescope (with varying aperture sizes), and once you have some solar film, you'll be able to make the filter yourself.

If you were after purchasing your own BAADER AstroSolar Film, simply give us a ring on 1800 SCOPES (1800 726 737) or drop us an email at support[at] and we'll be able to get that sorted for you. We have a larger size BAADER Astro Film (100cm x 50cm) for sale too. Feel free to check out our filters section for various choices.

Solar film typically looks like floppier, smoother version of aluminum foil. With high density coatings on both sides of the foil, you'll see that's its surface is reflective. This'll provide you with security when you're observing the sun head-on.

The following graphic explains how exactly to make a Solar Filter Cell, content credits to the team at IceInSpace.

How to make a solar filter cell Solar Observations and Safety Precautions
Making an Inexpensive Filter Cell for BAADER AstroSolar Material (Click to view PDF)

Chapter 8: Join an Astronomical Society and some Downloadable stuff!