Looking for a Beginner's Telescope? Let us help You!

We understand that choosing a telescope can be overwhelming, so we've compiled everything you need to know about a Beginner Telescope in one easy to read place! We have also compiled, what we like to call the 'OZScopes' Complete Guide to Telescopes and Binoculars. In this guide, we have down the basics of telescope uses and its functions into simple chapters.

In Chapter 1, you will read about the main uses of a Telescope so you can determine if a telescope is really what you need to buy. Moving further along, you will learn about the three basic types of Telescopes and about their advantages and disadvantages. The third chapter might also be of interest to a beginner - understanding the types of mounts available for your Telescope and how they work.
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These three chapters should help you make an informed first-telescope purchase, and if did decide you wanted to find out more, go on to the later chapters, where we introduce you the world of telescope accessories, and viewing techniques! If you're ready to choose a telescope, then we have featured a few right here to suit your needs!

Highly Recommended Telescopes for Beginners
Great for viewing the expanse of the night sky and some planets closer to earth. You should see the Moon quite well too!
For Beginners

Highly Recommended Telescopes for Kids
Help the little ones get started on astronomy with these telescopes that are easy to use, easy to set up. They also have a wider field of view, making it easier for them to identify sky objects.
For Kids

Beginner Reflector Telescopes
Reflector telescopes are affordable, portable and often set up on an EQ Mount. These beginner scopes produce good views of the Moon, planets, star clusters, bright nebulae and galaxies!
Reflector Telescopes

Beginner Dobsonian Telescopes
Do not doubt the simple set up of a Dobsonian Telescope! They sport a great optical system and light gathering power, which make they really good for spotting deep sky objects
Dobsonian Telescopes
Still unsure of how to choose a telescope? Click HERE to and follow the 6 easy steps on choosing one.

Chapter 1 - Why Do You Need A Telescopes