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Our Telescope Guides and Educational Resources have been specially crafted to help our visitors learn more about optics and better understand their equipment.

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Choosing a Telescope: A Beginner’s Guide
Astrophotography Tips & Techniques : Beginners Guide to Astrophotography
Telescope Viewing Tips
Telescope Image Orientation
Choosing Between Spotting Scopes And Telescopes
What is a Barlow Lens? Choosing the right one.
Cleaning Telescope Optics - Mirrors and Lenses
Checking Your Telescope (Star Testing)
Interpreting what you see in Star Testing
Protecting And Cleaning Lenses & Mirrors
What can you expect to see with a telescope?
John Dobson - 10 Random Facts about the Man that invented the Dobsonian Telescope
Viewing Jupiter - this 20th September 2010 and beyond!
Collimating A Newtonian Reflector Telescope – A Guide to Set-Up and Alignment
Collimating a Refractor Telescope – A Guide to Set-Up and Alignment
Telescope Eyepieces - A Beginner's Guide
The Basics of Lunar Astrophotography - A Guide to Taking Photos of the Moon
How to Polar Align an Equatorial Mount in the Southern Hemisphere
Viewing the Sun: How to Build A Solar Filter For Telescopes

Binoculars 101 : Binoculars and How to Buy Them
What Type Of Binoculars Do I Need?
Binocular Testing
Astronomical binoculars: A guide to astronomy with binoculars
Spotting Scopes Review – A Buyers Guide

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