Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera

  • 24 MP resolution
  • 30.48m night range
  • 0.3 second trigger speed
  • GPS geotag capability
  • Hybrid capture, and dynamic video mode
  • Selectable NV shutter speed
  • Low glow
  • Water resistant and rugged
  • Bushnell 1 year limited warranty
    Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera

    A running power consuming less than 0.08mA in its stand-by (surveillance) phase, up to six months operating time can be achieved with Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera using AA alkaline batteries, and roughly twelve months under lithium AA cells. Featuring a built-in, highly responsive Passive Infra-red (PIR) motion sensor, movements are detected in its area of surveillance allowing pictures and videos to be taken autonomously with its pre-programmed settings. Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera uses a series of infrared (IR) LEDs which function as a flash delivering up to 24 megapixel (MP) high definition photos and videos (black and white in the dark, and coloured under daylight).

    Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera introduces a detachable battery tray allowing a rapid exchange of batteries, with a built-in latch preventing it from falling out. An included GPS geotag capability function allows for a punch-in coordinates that are embedded into each photo file, which corresponds to the use of Google Earth, Picassa and other navigating software to spontaneously show a map revealing the Trail Camera's location (when photos are reviewed with a computer). Bushnell Core Low Glow Trail Camera introduces hybrid capture mode enabling still photos and videos to be taken at each trigger, and each up to highest resolution settings. A user may further adjust the shutter speed configuring images that are taken at night manuevering brightness against the time of stopping motions.

    Other preset options included allows for a timely camera operating mode to be limited to day, night or 24 hours operation function, and dynamic video which estimates the length of captured file using the duration of animal activity.

    More Information
    Night vision flash Low-glow 36 LED / 30.48m night range
    Colour Brown
    Resolution 24 MP
    PIR sensor Low / medium / high / auto
    Wireless connectivity No
    Display Black and white text LCD
    Stamps Date / time / temp / moon
    GPS geotag Yes
    Power supply AA (6) ((Alkaline or lithium, lithium batteries preferred)
    Solar compatible Yes
    Video resolution 1920x1080 @ 30 fps
    Video length Up to 60 seconds
    Storage capacity 32gb
    Field scan 2x Yes
    Records audio Yes
    Hybrid capture Yes
    Product type trail cameras
    Collection Core
    Interest Hunting / security
    Warranty 1-year limited warranty
    Barcode 029757005120
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