Bresser 50 pcs Prepared Slides Wooden Box Set

  • 50 pcs of prepared slides for microscopy
  • Comes in a wooden box
  • Stained samples for high contrast viewing
  • Labeled in English and German
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    Product Description
    Bresser Prepared Slides 50 pcs/box

    A large collection of prepared slides from different samples. The perfect tool/gift to learn more about microscopy. Everything is labeled in English and German so it is easily identifiable.

  • Penicillum.W.M.
  • Croton stellatopilosus
  • Fern Leaf Sec
  • Pine Leaf C.S.
  • Corn Stem C.S.
  • Corn Stem L.S.
  • Helianthus Stem L.S.
  • Hydrilla Stem L.S.
  • Vicia, dicot Leaf W.M.
  • Pollen W.M.
  • Plasmodesma Sec
  • Leaf of Winter Jasmine C.S.
  • Allium Scale Epidermis W.M.
  • Paramecium W.M.
  • Hydra W.M.
  • Daphnia W.M.
  • Rotifer W.M.
  • Culex, House Mosquito Larva
  • Blood Smear Human
  • Fish Scale W.M.
  • Blood Smear Chicken
  • Skeletal Muscle C.S.
  • Smooth Muscle Teased Prep.
  • Motor Neurous Cell W.M.
  • Stomach Sec
  • Small Intestine Sec
  • Lymph Node C.S.
  • Spinal Cord C.S.
  • Ciliated Epithelium Sec
  • Testis Sec
  • Ant W.M.
  • Butterfly Wing W.M.
  • Honey Bee Hind Leg W.M.
  • Butterfly Antennular W.M.
  • Musca Leg W.M.
  • Mosquito Leg W.M.
  • Spirogyra W.M.
  • Spirogyra Conjugation W.M.
  • Euglena W.M.
  • Blood, Fish Smear
  • Lichenrons Ox Sec
  • Potato Sec
  • Basswood Stem C.S.
  • Letter “e
  • Planaria C.S.
  • Skin of Frog W.M.
  • Honey Bee, Mouth Parts W.M.
  • Liver Sec
  • Dense Bone Sec
  • Clam Gill C.S.
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