Baader Ultrashort 1.25" T-2 Clamp

  • To adapt to guiding cameras from eyepieces
  • Optical length: 20mm
  • Comes with brass locking ring
  • Adapts onto male T-2 thread
    Baader Ultrashort 1.25" T-2 Eyepiece Clamp

    Baader Ultrashort 1.25" T-2 Eyepiece Clamp connects to adapters and focusers with male T2-thread. The adapter provides utmost stability clamping of 1.25" accessories like focal adapters or guiding cameras. It comes with 3 knurled thumb screws that locks the accessories via a brass ring. The inner diameter / clear aperture is 1.25" (31.75mm) and the outer diameter is 2.05" (52mm).
    More Information
    Optical length 20mm
    T-2 part 8C
    Inner diameter 1.25" / 31.75mm
    Outer diameter 2.05" / 52mm
    Inner connection (lens sided) T-2 thread (M42 x 0.75)
    Inner connection (Eyepiece/ camera-sided) 1.25" clamp
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