Baader Morpheus 4.5mm 76 Degree Widefield Eyepiece

  • 4.5mm focal length
  • 76 degree Field of View with on-axis sharpness and contrast
  • Close to 20mm eye relief
  • Low distortion
  • Intense luminescent lettering
    Baader Morpheus 4.5mm 76 Degree Widefield Eyepiece

    In aims of maximizing an optical instrument, Baader Morpheus 4.5mm 76 Degree Widefield Eyepiece delivers a high resolution image right to the edge of the true 76 degree field of view. Flat field design that works to function as a photographic projection, a 'Phantom Coating Group' multi-coated lens aid to supplement planetary observation and deep-sky object sighting.

    Baader Morpheus 4.5mm Eyepiece pairs well with low zooming eyepieces, and offers a larger 76 degree field of view at the peak of magnification. Low distortion capacity allows one to see the vast field of view while strategically offers to establish the best position of observation. The crisp and clear line of vision provides an increased viewing time on manual Dobsonian telescopes without a base touch on the telescope, nor even changing the eyepiece. The eyepiece also comes with an included 1.25 inch and 2 inch nosepieces, while featuring individual non-slip Safety-Kerfs cut seen on its barrels.

    All Morpheus Eyepieces excel in performance when used in a binoviewer. Offering an identical true field angle, reduced vignetting and a 55mm outer housing diameter, the low weight in addition to its small shape further benefits binoviewing for the vast of age use - even children could benefit with its 55mm interpupillary distance!

    Baader Morpheus 4.5mm 76 Degree Widefield Eyepiece is also versatile in its use for photography. The distortion setting is lower compared to The Hyperion series despite its larger field of view. M43/T-2 Photo/Video Adapter Ring further fits onto this eyepiece. Upon using the M43/T-2 connector, almost all DLSR / system camera may be used with a classic eyepiece projection through its set system of T-2 bayonet rings with eyepiece attachment (instead of a lens) in front of the camera.
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.456
    Focal length 4.5mm
    Apparent field of view 76 degree
    Eye relief 17.5mm
    Field stop diameter 6.1mm
    Field stop displacement to reference plane + - 0mm
    Number of lens elements 8
    Number of groups 5
    AR-Coating Phantom Coating Group
    Threaded for filters Yes
    Camera thread M43
    Parfocal eyepieces Yes
    Dustcaps 1.25" dustcap (31.8mm), 2" dustcap (45mm), 2" dustcap (46.5mm - fits over eyecup)
    Eyecups folding eyecup (M43), winged eyecup (M43)
    Backfocus gain with 2" barrel 21mm
    Slip protect safety Safety Kerfs
    Eyepiece body above reference plane 102mm
    Length of 1.25" barrel 24mm
    Length of 2" barrel 21mm
    Outer diameter 55mm
    Optical accessories Dustcap Storage Holster
    Special features Photo-luminescent engraving: lets you find the correct eyepiece at all times
    Included accessories Cordura eyepiece holster for fast access
    Outer connection (Eyepiece / camera-sided) Thread, M43
    Inner connection (lens sided) Thread, M28.5
    Outer connection (lens sided) Barrel, 1.25", 2" (50.8mm)
    Barrel size 1.25", 2"
    Optical design Wide Angle
    Speciality Eyepiece projection: Classical
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