Baader 35nm H-Alpha CCD 1.25" Filter

  • Suitable for Deep Sky Imaging
  • Sharp Bandpass
  • High Efficiency Coating
  • Backed By Australia Warranty
    Baader H-Alpha 35nm CCD 1.25" Filter Baader Planetarium H-Alpha 35nm CCD 1.25" Filter is ideal for high-contrast deep sky imaging of the H-II regions with interline CCD cameras such as SBIG ST-2000/STL11000. Unlike common-colored glass base filters, the lower sensitivity of interline transfer CCDs is benefits from the more efficient 35nm FWHM, the sharp bandpass and high efficiency coatings make the Baader H-Alpha filter top among others similar standard. Like all others Baader Planetarium imaging filters, the H-Alpha filter shares all of the same outstanding features. The high efficiency hardened multi-coatings and unmatched optical quality, the H-Alpha 35nm CCD filter is giving you the sharpest and highest contrast images possible.
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