Baader Green CCD 2" Telescope Filter with LPFC

  • O III Emission Overlaps on B/G-filters with Maximum Transmission
  • Completely Free of Reflections
  • ParFocal
  • Unique Filter Design for Absolute Maximum Contrast
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    Baader Green CCD 2" Telescope Filter with LPFC Mechanical Properties:
  • Each individual filter planeoptically polished to 1/4 wave and parfocal.
  • Each filter coated separately. Filters are NOT just cut or bored out from a large coated plate.
  • Baader individual hard coatings do ensure sealed coating edges, impermeable from moisture and environmental forces.
  • Baader-filters feature hard coatings that may be cleaned with Baader Optical Wonder fluid without scratches.
  • Optical Properties:
  • Baader RGB CCD filters are COMPLETELY free from reflections due to an elaborate coating design.
  • RGB-imaging allows equal weighting factors for each channel, very important for automated imaging.
  • Unique filter design for absolute maximum contrast with extremely high gradients,to allow clear differentiation of colours.
  • O III emission overlaps on B/G-filters with maximum transmission to allow efficient and natural colour imaging.
  • R-filter delivers maximum transmission for H-alpha and S II while cutting IR with highest efficiency
  • Gap between G/R-filters serves to reduce light pollution from Mercury and Sodium lamps and improves color balance and color separation.
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