Baader 2" MPCC V-1 Mark III Newton Coma Corrector

  • Phantom Group Coating ™ multi-coated optics
  • Suitable for all Newtonians, with removable 2" collar
  • Coma corrects without reducing the focal length nor the image field
  • Compatibe with Focal Ratio from f/3.5 to f/6
  • Baader Planetarium 2 Years Limited Warranty
    Baader 2" MPCC V-1 Mark III Newton Coma Corrector

    Baader 2" MPCC V-1 Mark II Coma Corrector can be used both visually and photographically. It helps to eliminate coma across the full photographic field of view without interfering the focal length of your telescope image. The patented Phantom Group wideband multi-coating on all air to glass surfaces ensures highest light transmission with the lowest amount of scatter and reflections across a very wide spectral range from UV to NIR. Also, the new Mark III can optimise for reflector telescopes with focal ratio from f/3.5 to f/6. Stars remain pinpoints across the field and the visual use is made much easier with the help of the 2" (M48) male filter thread at the eyepiece facing side.

  • No change in focal length or field size on telescopes.
  • Newly calculated lens system - designed for an unvignetted field down to f3.5.
  • Maximum sharpness across the field.
  • Accepts T-2(M42x0.75) and/or 2"(M48x0.75) threaded photographic- or visual-adapters.
  • 2" stopping collar removable for increase in backfocus.
  • For photographic and visual use.
  • Phantom Group Coating ™ multi-coated optics.
  • Optional adapter for direct coupling of the MPCC III directly onto the Baader CANON EOS protective T-ring
  • 44mm clear aperture when using the M48(2") filter-tread or the Protective T-ring with optional adapter
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.275
    Inner connection (lens sided) Thread, M48
    Outer connection (lens sided) Barrel, 2" (50.8mm)
    Inner connection (eyepiece/camera sided) Clamp, 1.25"
    Outer connection (eyepiece/camera sided) Thread, T-2(M42
    Clamping system Screw clamps
    AR-coating Phantom Coating® Group
    Working range f/3.5 – f/6
    Image scale 1:1
    Transmission 98%
    Inner diameter / Clear aperture 44mm
    Barrel size 1.25", 2"
    Barcode 4047825029126
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