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SkyWatcher Star Discovery 80/750 ED Refractor Telescope

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  • Modestly Wide-Field Telescope
  • Suitable for Deep Sky Astrophotography
  • ED Schott BK-7 and FPL-53 ED Glass
  • Light Baffled Optical System
  • Metallic High-Transmission Lens Coating
  • A Simple yet Efficient Mount For Telescopes or Cameras
  • Suitable for Time Lapse, Wide View and Panoramas Photography
  • 5 Years SkyWatcher Limited Warranty
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    SkyWatcher Star Discovery 80 ED Refractor Telescope

    The SkyWatcher 80ED Refractor Telescope is a modestly wide-field telescope that offering bright & wide sky in a single view. Without diffraction pattern interference as caused with Newtonian Telescope, this SkyWatcher ED Apochromatic Refractor able to deliver dramatic coal-black skies, high contrast planetary view and deep sky phenomenon.

    By using the premium Schott Glass, an FPL-53 ED Glass element and the state of the art multi-coating, SkyWatcher ED Doublet APO are free from the unfocused violet light (Chromatic Aberration), so the view of bright stars and solar system will come with lesser refractors. Light Baffled Optical System Contrast-enhancing internal light baffles in the tube and focuser drawtube and a specially darkened tube interior to provide dark sky backgrounds and high terrestrial contrast.

    A Simple and yet Multi-Purpose Mount
    SkyWatcher Star Discovery Mount is designed to be a simple mount, aims to help beginners to discover the dark sky efficiently and eventually become a tool that able to fulfill your passion toward Astronomy. To be a multi-purpose Mount,

    Star Discovery Mount
    is not only designed to drive a telescope, it is also a platform for cameras and video recorders. Perfect for lightweight astrophotography, time lapse photography, wide view and panorama photography, video panning and many more activities. Come with more on both axes, the SkyWatcher Star Discovery Mount can be driven point to point accurately in no time and able to pinpoint any celestial object. Any night sky object will be in the center of the field of view in no time or frame the specific scene exactly as you like with your camera.

    This Star Discovery Mount is upgradeable by the latest SynScan Ver. 4 GOTO Handset. This handset allows you to drive the your mount to any celestial object selected from its huge 42,000+ database, including Messier, IC, NGC and Caldwell Catalogs, Planets, Named Stars, Double Stars, Variable Star and even Astronomer Defined objects like new comets.

    In the Box:
  • SkyWatcher 80 ED OTA
  • Star Discovery Mount Head
  • Star Discovery Tripod
  • V4 Synscan Hand Controller
  • Hand Controller Cord
  • PC Connection Cord
  • Finderscope Mount
  • Finderscope 6x30mm
  • Compass
  • Hand Controller Bracket
  • 90 Degree Mirror Diagonal
  • 1.25" 2x Barlow Lens
  • 1.25" 10mm Plossl Eyepiece
  • 1.25" 25mm Plossl Eyepiece
  • Instruction Manual
  • Screwdriver (phillips head)
  • Specification

    Additional Info

    Optical Design ED Apochromatic Refractor
    Diameter 80mm
    Focal Length 600mm
    F/Ratio F/7.5
    Highest Practical Power 160x
    Finder Scope 8X50
    Focuser Diameter 2" dual speed, crayford
    Diagonal 2" 90 deg. Dielectric Diagonal with 1.25" adapter
    Tube Weight 2.47kg
    Tube Dimensions 10 cm x 62cm
    User Level For Intermediate
    Telescope Type Refractor
    Aperture Size 80mm
    Focal Length 600mm
    Focal Ratio f/7.5
    Highest Practical Magnification 160x
    Finderscope 8x50
    Eyepieces Plossl 10, 25mm & 2X Barlow Lens
    Mount Type Computerized Mount
    Tripod Steel
    Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty



    Your Skywatcher Products is under Warranty

    Your Skywatcher® product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for FIVE years after the date of purchase. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product with proof of the receipt.

    This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper handling, installation, collimation or maintenance provided by someone other than a Skywatcher Authorized Service Department.

    For Skywatcher Products purchased elsewhere, will NOT qualify for manufacturers warranty from us, it must be returned to the place of purchase to resolve any issues.


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