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SkyWatcher 114/900 EQ Reflector Telescope w/ Motor Drive

- Come with a Motor Drive
- Easy object focusing with 5x24 finderscope
- More light gathering capacity (165% more than 70mm refractor)
- Aluminized and overcoated mirrors
- Comfortable viewing at high and low magnifications
- Easy tracking of stars with equatorial mount
- 5 years Skywatcher limited warranty
Also Available Without Motor Drive
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See the giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn and their moons, nebulae and clusters. The SkyWatcher 114mm Reflector Telescope SW450 is a fantastic telescope for the beginning amateur astronomer. Users of this telescope get a great experience of watching the night sky without needing to pay high up front costs associated with more expensive telescopes.

The SkyWatcher SW450 Reflector Telescope has a 114mm (4½") objective diameter that captures a nice amount of light for viewing the night sky. It also has a 900mm focal length with smooth 31.7mm rack and pinion focuser. A longer focal length allows for great views of many celestial objects particularly in dark sky environments.

This telescope also has the benefits of gathering 125% more light than a 76mm telescope and 165% more than a 70mm refractor.

All Sky-Watcher reflectors are overcoated with silicon dioxide for more durability and 5 years warranty.

This telescope also comes with a motor drive. The addition of the motor drive feature allows you to easily manoeuvre your telescope using a remote control. This gives greater accuracy in following stars compared to using manual movements.

*Please note, the image through all finder scopes will be upside down.

SkyWatcher 114mm Reflector Telescope SW450 Features:
- Clear views with 114mm aperture
- Easy object focusing with 5x24 finderscope
- More light gathering capacity (165% more than 70mm refractor)
- Aluminized and overcoated mirrors
- Comfortable viewing at high and low magnifications
- Easy tracking of stars with equatorial mount
- 5 years Skywatcher limited warranty


Additional Info

Barrel Diameter (mm) 31.7
Battery Type / Adaptor -
Brand SkyWatcher
Counterweights 2kg
Eyepieces (fl mm) S10 (90x), S20 (45x)
Finderscope Optical 5x 24mm
Focal length (mm) 900mm
Focal Ratio f/7.9
Focus system Rack and Pinion
Highest Practical Power 228x
Limiting Magnitude 12.9
Motor Drive / Controller Single Axis EQ1
Mount Type Equatorial EQ1
Objective lens (mm) 114
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Optical Tube size / weight 150mm x 890mm
Resolving Power 1 Arc Second
Shipping Weight / pc (grams) 22700
Supplier Model Number SW450
Total Weight (grams) 16700
Tripod Height (mm) 710-1230
Tripod Type Aluminium
Tube Diameter (mm) 150
Warranty (years) 5 Years
Manufacturer SkyWatcher
Recommended Usage Viewing Galaxies/Stars, Viewing Nebulae, Viewing the Moon, Viewing the Planets
User Level For the Beginner


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Excellent beginners scope - Review by
Overall Score
Although I own a Nat geo Dobson 76/350 (now belongs to the kids), the skywatcher is much easier to pin point and track stars using the EQ1 mount. The clarity is just great although trying to focus takes some practice as the focuser is loose. Thicker Teflon guilds might fix the problem, manufacturer should take note. Over all, I am finding it a very nice scope to use. I need to upgrade the eyepeices. Delivery was in the time specified. Thank you Ozscopes for a fine product.
(Posted on )

Pros: light, Good price, Beautifully crisp image!
Cons: focus mechanism, May encourage you to buy a big telescope!

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Good Telescope for beginner - Review by
Overall Score
after a bit of research, found out this telescope is value for price and quality. Received within 2 days, come with everything within my expectation. might consider to buy more eyepieces for viewing.
(Posted on )

Cons: Little bulky to wear

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Great First Telescope - Review by
Overall Score
Right from the start I've found this scope easy to use and very worthwhile. Set up was a breeze, and with a little hands on practice, focusing and adjusting to pinpoint objects became a simple task. As a result, I had very little to no troubles using it that afternoon to observe the sun (it comes with a solar filter), as well as the Moon and Orion Nebula later that first night.

I am enjoying everything this telescope has to offer and recommend it to first time users like myself. However, it does encourage you to buy a bigger scope, and I would suggest putting more cash aside to purchase something larger if you wish to see really crisp images of Nebulae.

All in all, a great first telescope that will provide you with many enjoyable hours under the stars at a great price.

(Posted on )

Pros: price, portability, great first telescope
Cons: May encourage you to buy a big telescope!

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Your Skywatcher Products is under Warranty

Your Skywatcher® product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for FIVE year after the date of purchase. In the event of a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product with proof of the receipt.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper handling, installation, collimation or maintenance provided by someone other than a Skywatcher Authorized Service Department.

For Skywatcher Products purchased elsewhere, will NOT qualify for manufacturers warranty from us, it must be returned to the place of purchase to resolve any issues.


Please let me know how long the SW450 telescope is? Does the 900mm focal length mean that the tube will be at least that long? Same for the SW80 with 400mm focal length. What are the significant differences between each of the above - for a beginner astro viewing and also for land object viewing please?
The focal length does not necessarily equal the tube length. The focal length is the distance between the center of the mirror and the point of it being focused by the eyepiece. It is dependent also on whether the telescope uses mirrors or lenses or a combination of both. The SW450 has an 89cm tube and I believe the SW80 has a much shorter tube length, though I don't have the exact measurements as we don't stock these on our site. As for differences between the two scopes, the different focal lengths make a difference in how you may see an object. With a shorter focal length you get a wider field of view and with a longer focal length you see closer, which is better for viewing deep sky objects and for astrophotography. With aperture, the wider it is the better your image clarity and contrast. Therefore for any astronomical viewing, including for beginners, the telescope with the larger aperture would be better. For viewing land objects, reflector telescopes are generally unsuitable as they would project the image inverted or flipped upside down. To use a reflector for land viewing you would need to get the proper erecting image eyepiece or diagonal to help flip the image the right side up. Telescopes that are best for land viewing are refractor telescopes. Refractors use lenses so they project the image right side up, whereas reflectors use mirrors which tend to project the image in the wrong side up or inverted. I believe that the SW80 is a refractor so it would be suited for land viewing but with an 80mm aperture, it's quite small so it wouldn't give you as wide a view for astronomy as the SW450 which has a 114mm aperture. I guess it depends on what you would be using the scope for the most - astronomy or land viewing?

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