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National Geographic 130/650 EQ Newtonian Telescope

  • Ideal for Beginner and Amateur Astronomers
  • Suitable for Deep Sky Observation
  • LED Viewfinder
  • German Equatorial Aluminium Tripod
  • Accessories and Astronomy Software Included

  • SKU: NAT-9069000
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    National Geographic 130/650 EQ Newtonian Telescope

    The National Geographic 130/650 Newton Telescope gathers much light with its 130mm aperture,therefore objects inside and even outside our solar system are visible. The relatively short focal length (650mm) makes the telescope very compact and a specialist for wide field observations like open star clusters and nebulae. A tour through the summer milky way will be very impressive, in winter the Pleiades, the Great Orion Nebula or numerous star clusters are easily observed objects. If the sturdy equatorial mount is pointed to the North Star Polaris, tracking objects by hand is easy.

  • Reflector Optical System
  • Suitable for beginner and amateur astronomers
  • Mirror diameter 130mm
  • Focal length 650mm
  • Stable Equatorial Mount

  • In The Box:
  • Telescope with tripod
  • Telescope Eyepieces - 10mm / 25mm
  • Barlow lens 3x
  • LED Viewfinder
  • Moon filter
  • Star map
  • Astronomy software
  • Specification

    Additional Info

    Art No: 90-69000
    Optical System: Reflector
    Magnification: 26x - 195x
    Mount: Equatorial
    User Level For Beginners
    Telescope Type Reflector
    Aperture Size 130mm
    Focal Length 650mm
    Focal Ratio f/5
    Highest Practical Magnification 256x
    Finderscope LED Viewfinder
    Eyepieces 10 & 25mm
    Mount Type Equatorial Mount
    Tripod Aluminium
    Warranty 2 Years Limited Warranty


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    Adequately capable telescope for a non astronomer, based on a price point purchase. - Review by
    Overall Score
    The principal reason for purchase was for viewing Mars at it's present proximity. This is my second telescope, the previous being a small desktop Dobson. As I am not an avid astronomer, this scope was bought with a balance of performance versus affordability. For my requirements, this seems to fit the bill without going overboard. I found the delivery by Australia Post Couriers to be on time with tracking, being delivered in Sydney only two days after ordering.
    I am investigating the Equatorial Mount system after setting up the scope for the local latitude. So far I have viewed the Moon, Mars and Jupiter, but have yet to investigate further horizons. The large aperture certainly gives bright impressions of objects and I have found the magnification to be more than adequate. The only problems I have had are:
    1. Stability of the image, especially whilst adjusting the Azimuth and Declination controls or the focus. This may require substantial tightening of the lock nuts and a slow, steady hand on focus. When stable, the images of the moon's surface are decent. I am still learning how to to use the telescope and may improve operation with further use.
    2. The focus control seems to require extra fine adjustment to get the image to be in focus. Changing lenses requires the focus to again be adjusted, by which time the viewed object has moved.
    3. Getting the attached LED sight aligned to the telescope, which required about five minutes work whilst sighting the moon. I may end up using a filling of Play Doh to set the sight rigidly.
    I am surprised at the speed objects get out sight due to earth rotation, especially when changing lenses. Perhaps this is a call for later purchase of a motor drive. The free software that came with the scope is Stellarium and only for Windows and Mac operating systems. I use a Linux operating system, however Stellarium is a download/install available from the Ubuntu software repository. It was installed prior to any telescope purchase and is a very useful program.

    (Posted on )

    Pros: Good price, great first telescope
    Cons: focus mechanism, Doesn't focus real well

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    Very disappointing - dont waste money on this one but invest that into a much bigger and better scope - Review by
    Overall Score
    The hype is very impressive but the scope is very poor in delivery. Useless build instructions. Not a helpful scope for beginner - difficult to find objects and hard to get any real detail.
    Waste of money - spend more for better one

    (Posted on )

    Pros: accurate
    Cons: May encourage you to buy a big telescope!

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    National Geographic Limited Warranty

    Bresser-National Geographic® warrants this new precision optical product to be free of original defects in materials and/or workmanship for the length of time specified by this product. This warranty does not include damage caused by abuse, improper handling, installation, maintenance, normal wear-and-tear, unauthorized repairs or modifications and tampering in anyway. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

    In the event of a defect within 30 days, the defective unit must be packed carefully and sturdily to prevent damage in transit, and returned to the OZHut. Beyond 30 days, Please call our Customer Service for more details.

    This product will either be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the warrantor. If it's a discontinued item, we will replace the product with an equivalent product. Should the repair not be covered by this warranty, an estimate will be sent for your approval. Non-warranty repairs or refurbishing of your optical products are always provided at a reasonable cost.

    Bresser-National Geographic® shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental and/or contingent damages whatsoever. We will not pay shipping, insurance or transportation charges from you to us, or any import fees, duties and or taxes. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties.


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