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Saxon DeepSky 10" CT Dobsonian Telescope

- Huge 10" aperture will brightly illuminate images
- Simple and easy to use design
- Collapsible design makes this telescope more mobile
- See more distant and faint objects with larger aperture size
- Able to achieve high levels of magnification
- Ideal for Beginners and Seasoned Astronomers alike
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The venerable Dobsonian reflector design has recently undergone some important upgrades and improvements: Saxon is pleased to introduce the all-new Collapsible Dobsonian complete with Crayford focuser – the ultimate in large aperture portability and performance.

This elegant truss tube design was carefully engineered to combine ease of use, extreme portability and consistent performance in an affordable package. Unlike other truss tube designs, the Saxon Collapsible Dobsonian does not need to be disassembled between uses. It transports as two compact pieces that can be assembled and ready to use in just seconds! It is easy to collimate once set up, and it holds its collimation throughout the evening!

To top it off, all of the new Collapsible Dobsonians are shipping with ultra smooth Crayford focusers.

*Please note, the image through all finder scopes will be upside down.

Saxon 10" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope Features:
- Huge 10" aperture will brightly illuminate images
- Simple and easy to use design
- Collapsible design makes this telescope more mobile
- See more distant and faint objects with larger aperture size
- Able to achieve high levels of magnification
- Ideal for Beginners and Seasoned Astronomers alike


Additional Info

Optical Design Newtonian (Parabolic)
Lens Material
Diameter 254mm
Focal Length 1200mm
Scondary Mirror Diameter 58mm
F/ratio F/4.7
Highest Practical Power 508x
Faintest Steller Magnitude
Resoving Power
Finderscope 9X50 Finderscope
Focuser diameter 2” with 1.25” adapter
Eyepiece(s) 1.25” Plossl 25 and 10
Mount Type Dobsonian
Slow-motion Control
Piggyback Bracket
Accessory Tray
Ground Board Diameter ¢520×740
Ground Board Weight(s) 11.5Kgs
Motor Drive
Tube Weight 12.42Kgs
Tube Dimension(dia. x length) 320×(830-1110)
Tripod Height
Shipping Weight
Shipping Carton Dimensions 67x 80 x 11 cm3 / 126.5 x 47 x 51.5 cm3
Manufacturer Saxon
Recommended Usage Viewing Galaxies/Stars, Viewing Nebulae, Viewing the Moon, Viewing the Planets
User Level For the Beginner


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Huge 10" great telescope for a beginner - Review by
Overall Score
The Saxson integrates some of the best aspects of other Dobs. The primary mirror is protected inside a half-length rigid tube, while the secondary mirror is mounted in a short tube, linked by three sliding truss tubes. You can retract the tube to just 80cm from its full length of 112cm, making it easier to store and transport. The primary tube has a tight-fitting plastic cover, while the secondary tube has a fetching black fabric ‘shower cap’ to keep the dust at bay. The sliding tubes work smoothly, with T-clamps to lock them in position.

Secondary mirror collimation was jumpy, but once achieved, the beam from our laser collimator held its central position throughout the range of sliding truss positions, suggesting that you could take the tube from your car, lift it into the mount, extend it, and start observing straight away.

The mount doesn’t have a roller azimuth bearing. Instead the base just has three Teflon pads; a simple approach and we loved the slightly stiff (but smooth) action it gave, which complemented the plastic altitude bearing arrangement. The resulting friction can be adjusted using one of the threaded locking handles, which secure the scope and provide two useful lifting points for manhandling the whole setup into position. We found the extra friction became necessary since the scope was a little top heavy, especially with large eyepieces, but it was easier to change eyepieces without the scope being knocked off target.

The 2-inch Crayford focuser functions as it should, but lacks some of the refinements seen on other scopes. A 2-inch and 1.25-inch adaptor are provided, which use set screws rather than compression rings, and the design prohibits changing to another type of adaptor. The view through the 9x50 right-angle finderscope is the same way up as the sky, which is a more intuitive arrangement when hand-pushing from star to star. The finder’s optics appeared slightly better than the GSO’s.

Set up and go
The mount was accompanied by a helpful set of instructions, and thoughtfully the scope arrived with all the tools required. Sky-Watcher includes two 1.25-inch eyepieces – a 10mm and a 25mm Supper Plössl – both of which worked very well. The 25mm eyepiece produced a dazzling Beehive Cluster with excellent star colours. The 10mm provided enough magnification for planetary use and we were able to discern surface detail on Mars and resolve Saturn’s rings and major moons. Switching to our wide-field test eyepiece allowed us to compare the deep-sky performance.
When it comes to those little extras, we appreciated the provision of a couple of plastic knobs close to the focuser – convenient for slewing the scope

(Posted on )

Pros: price, portability, user friendly, Good price, Beautifully crisp image!

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Big, Easy to set up! - Review by
Overall Score
So I finally got this exact telescope the other day, but I didn't order it here because I found it somewhere else cheaper.
Anyway so it was super easy to set up, you will need another person to help you out but it's a very easy set up and it's HUGE! I was amazed by its size. It's very heavy to carry but it's a collapsible so it's easy to transport which I haven't done yet (don't carry the telescope by your self, I damaged my back and had to put it back it place so get 1 more person to help).
I tried it for the first time on the moon and I had a few difficulties but that's because we set up the lenses and such at night. So once I got it done I aligned it to the moon and it was FANTASTIC just amazing. I also looked at Jupiter and you could just see its moons and its stripes, just amazing. But the next night I realised the Barlow lens was making the image blur that day and I was disappointed but then I removed the Barlow lens and the moon was magnified more than it was the day before so the was excellent. Just the sad thing is you cant see stars and the other planets clearly :( but it just might be because I've only used it twice so I'm going to test it out more. Just to let you know don't screw the bolt on the bottom of the platform of the telescope as it makes it hard to turn the telescope plus the finder scope isn't properly aligned with the image but that just might be from my setting up :)

(Posted on )

Pros: Good price, portable, great first telescope, quality +++, Beautifully crisp image!
Cons: tripod quality, Size; it's not small. But that's because it's a Dob; it's expected

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Fantastic upgrade from a 5 inch reflector! - Review by
Overall Score
I've been using a 5" reflector for a few months now, and while I was happy with what it offered, I wasn't quite satisfied with with the image quality. So when I saw Ozscopes offering this at a cheaper EOFY price I couldn't resist and went for it.

Overnight delivery was great, as the weather forecast was showing cloudy skies for a week. but I got 2 clear nights in before the cloud came over. On the first night the moon was bright, so there wasn't many options, I collimated quickly, very easy with this scope with large collimation knobs on the base, and focused on the moon.

I'd never seen so much detail! Where before there was only flat maria, now in places I could see ridges and shadowed valleys, Craters where distinct and sharp. I'm pretty sure that if I looked hard enough I could see the tracks left by the moon rovers! (Yeah ok, maybe not :P )

Then I moved to Saturn, the images were like those in books, the cloud bands were easy to see and you could clearly make out the largest gap between the rings, Four moons were visible that night too. Focusing on Mars, I saw the polar Icecaps for the first time.

I set my alarm and got up at 4am to go for a drive to a dark sky after the moon had set and was amazed by the clarity and sharpness of anything I pointed the scope at.

On the downside, the mount is quite stiff, making it hard to make fine adjustments, I've already ordered a bearing to replace the teflon washer in the base and I'm trying to think of something to make the vertical movement smoother too.

The worst thing about it though, is the week of cloudy skies that is forecast starting tonight!

(Posted on )

Pros: Accurate, user friendly, Good price, great first telescope, Beautifully crisp image!
Cons: tripod quality, Size; it's not small. But that's because it's a Dob; it's expected

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